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Here at Interspatial Technologies we employed the recent trends in digital technologies in mapping urban areas and an expert in using these new technologies for creation of a digital database for generating an urban resource information system.

Interspatial Technologies is a Geographic I nformation Systems (GIS) and geomatics company located in  Nigeria. The company is made up of some of the leading  geomatics professionals in the West Africa area. We have a  strong track record of providing enterprise-level GIS on a  wide variety of projects. In addition to our own expert  team, we also have a number of large corporate partners on  which we can call for additional expertise and experience.

Our clients have been very impressed and pleased with our  work. We have a high percentage of repeat clients, and many  of our new clients come to us based off of recommendations  from those we’ve worked with in the past.

Interspatial Technogies has years of experience working  with government departments in Nigeria on large geomatic  projects. However, we have recently begun expanding our  scope, and we now work with those in the private sector as  well. We understand the differences between these two  sectors and tailor our work to meet the needs of each.

When we work with a client, we first put together a project  proposal that outlines all of the technical and financial  implications of the project. Our clients know exactly what  they’re paying for, how much they’re paying, and when they  will receive specific services and deliverables. The  timetable is realistic and set to meet any project  deadlines, and we will work to meet any budget.

Don’t delay—making business decisions and setting policy  without all of the information on hand can result in a loss  of time and money. Let Interspatial Technologies provide  this information and more.

  1. LEGAL SURVEY - Let tells you exactly where your property is at by using precise mathematical model in locating those permanent reference points, or monument points.
  2. LIGHT DETECTION AND RANGING (LIDAR) - We are the leading provider of LIDAR mapping in Nigeria. View More 
  3. GEOSPATIAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - We develop our own web and mobile application system that try makes sense out of noisy data finding patterns that you’d never think existed using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. View More 
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